Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mecum at Monterey: 1972 Porsche L&M 917/10 Spyder

It is one of the most recognizable and historically significant racing Porsches ever: Roger Penske’s 1972 Porsche L&M 917/10 Spyder occupies a special position in racing history as the car that earned Porsche its first Can-Am Championship, proving not only the German automaker’s advanced engineering capabilities and its pioneering developments in turbocharging, but also Roger Penske's ability to organize and command the dominant team in the most free-wheeling, innovative and competitive racing series the world had ever known. It is without doubt one of the most significant cars in all of racing history, and it will cross the block at the Mecum Monterey Daytime Auction Saturday August 18, 2012. Mecum Auctions has a full online information package here.

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