Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mecum at Monterey: 1972 Porsche L&M 917/10 Spyder

It is one of the most recognizable and historically significant racing Porsches ever: Roger Penske’s 1972 Porsche L&M 917/10 Spyder occupies a special position in racing history as the car that earned Porsche its first Can-Am Championship, proving not only the German automaker’s advanced engineering capabilities and its pioneering developments in turbocharging, but also Roger Penske's ability to organize and command the dominant team in the most free-wheeling, innovative and competitive racing series the world had ever known. It is without doubt one of the most significant cars in all of racing history, and it will cross the block at the Mecum Monterey Daytime Auction Saturday August 18, 2012. Mecum Auctions has a full online information package here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Alloy-Body Longnose

In 1964 Ferrari superseded its highly successful 250 series with two new models: the 275 GTB and 275 GTS. While the GTS’ spyder bodywork was evolved from the 330 GT 2+2, the GTB was a breathtaking new Pininfarina design replacing the earlier Lusso with more rounded contours inspired by both the 250 LM racer and the lovely 250 GTO.

The final incarnation of the famous Colombo-designed V-12, the 275’s 3.3 liter twin-cam engine was rated at 260 HP in the spyder and 280 HP in the berlinetta. Both cars employed a rear-mounted 5-speed gearbox integrated with the rear axle. The solidly mounted unit allowed fully independent rear suspension, therefore making the 275 the first street Ferrari utilizing that layout, comprising unequal length A-arms, coil springs, tube shock absorbers and 4-wheel disc brakes.

Friday, July 13, 2012

1954 Ferrari 750 Monza Spyder Scaglietti 4062M

The second Ferrari 750 Monza built, 4062M was purchased in 1954 by Joe Kelly of Dublin - Ireland, not Ohio - who co-drove the car in the September 11 Tourist Trophy race with Desmond Titterington at Dundrod, where it retired with gearbox trouble. Victory followed a week later at Leinster with Titterington again at the wheel, followed by a DNF at Goodwood by future World Champion Mike Hawthorn. Kelly then sold the car to the Jaguar Car Company, where it was back-engineered to determine why it was so competitive against the Jaguar D-Type sports racer. It was then purchased by Jaguar team driver and 1951 Le Mans winner Peter Whitehead. In 1955 ace Formula 1 driver Jack Brabham imported the car to Australia, where it was raced until 1959.

Friday, July 6, 2012

2008 Cadillac CTS-V Factory Race Car

Built by Pratt & Miller Engineering Fabrication of New Hudson, Michigan, the Number 8 Andy Pilgrim Cadillac CTS-V factory race car began life as a body-in-white, but the finished product is an engineering marvel at the center of a fascinating chapter in Cadillac's history. It will cross the block at the Mecum Monterey Daytime Auction on Saturday, August 18, 2012.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

1908 Simplex 50 Speedcar

This rudimentary yet elegant 1908 Simplex 50 Speedcar from the early Brass Era is the oldest known Simplex. Chassis number 211, the car's central feature is its enormous 610 CI 4-cylinder T-head engine. The Simplex 50 Speedcar  is scheduled to cross the block at the Mecum Monterey Daytime Auction on national television on Saturday, August 18, 2012.