Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Breadvan

I paid my fourth visit to the Monterey Historics in the Ferrari year of 1994. One afternoon in Laguna Seca's hot pits I came face to face with the one and only Ferrari 250 GTO "Breadvan", a fascinating anomaly in the marque's history. I don't recall when I first learned of its existence, let alone its significance, but there it was, large as life, and I had a good close look at it while Monte Shelton sat at the wheel waiting to go racing.

The memory of that encounter was prompted by Stephen Mitchell's article, Ferrari 250 GTO vs. Ferrari 250 GT Breadvan in this week's Sports Car Digest, wherein Mitchell reviews his "friend Marc Sonnery’s book 'Rebel Rebel' which deals with the life and times of the Ferrari 250 GT Breadvan".

I look forward to reading "Rebel Rebel". In the meantime, Mr. Mitchell's tale is a delight 

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