Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1972 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spyder

When Lamborghini introduced the mid-engined Miura in 1966, the automotive press turned to Ferrari in anticipation of his response. It was reasonable to expect Ferrari to adapt his hugely successful mid-engine V-12 prototype platform to road use, but he was never one to hew to others’ expectations, and at the 1968 Paris Auto Show he unveiled a brand new and stunning front-engine design, the 365 GTB/4.

Just 122 Spyder versions were built by Ferrari between 1970 and 1973, most of them for the American market. Built in December 1971, the 365 GTB/4 Spyder offered here is the 35th produced, the 25th of 96 built to U.S. specification.

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