Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vette Garage: The Series

I’m way behind when it comes to watching YouTube, but I have found an excellent cable-style series online in Vette Garage, The Series, broadcast in HD. It’s all about Corvettes, without all the screaming and yelling of American Chopper or any of the other “reality conflict” junk out there (I had to hand it to the guys at Pink Slips when they took all the starting line squabbling out of the show and unleashed drag racing’s inherent sportsmanship).

There are presently four installments, the first three covering Pfadt Race Engineering as the crew begins development on its C6 Z06 racer in Utah. Episode 4 tells the story of Corvette Recycling, one of the largest operations of its kind - you won’t believe how big these guys really are.

The series’ target audience could not be more well-defined: Corvette lovers. And they come in all ages, shapes and sizes, because almost everyone loves the Corvette.

Vette Garage, The Series is a huge hit with Corvette fans. Here is the first installment:

Corvette enthusiasts rejoice; this is exactly what we want to watch. gives it a big thumbs up.
Here is their home page - catch all four episodes and read the reviews.

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